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Any real estate transaction can be a smooth one if you work with a Realtor who has the experience to guide you and your family through the Home Buying process.

At our first meeting… prior to starting your home search… you and I will discuss your financial objectives and how buying a Home fits into those objectives.

Financial Objectives and Buying a Home
Who Represents You in this Process
Information About Brokerage Services – STATE OF TEXAS
Buyer’s Representation Agreement

The Loan Process

will you be paying cash or financing your new home…

If you choose to mortgage your home we will review the Loan process including qualification and the lending process.

  • Documentation
  • Dates
  • Deadlines
  • Appraisal
  • Underwriting

The mortgage initiative was designed to help consumers understand their loan options, shop for the mortgage that’s best for them, and avoid costly surprises at the closing table.In 2015 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) initiated wide-ranging changes to the Lending process

The Know before You Owe mortgage disclosure rule replaces four disclosure forms with two new ones, the Loan Estimate and the Closing Disclosure. The new forms are easier to understand and easier to use. The rule also requires that you get three business days to review your Closing Disclosure and ask questions before you close on a mortgage.

The Home Buying Process

  • Working together – You, Val and your Lender
  • Dates, Deadlines
  • Home Shopping
  • Making an Offer
  • Loan process, Loan Underwriting and Appraisal
  • Title Company and Services (Title Insurance, surveys, etc.)
  • Inspections and Property Condition
  • Home Insurance
  • Closing

Home Ownership

  • Change of Address
  • Change locks and confirm security system
  • Store closing documentation in a secure but easy to find location
  • Make note of taxes, HOA or other fees with upcoming deadlines
  • Update your estate documents to reflect new address

Regular home maintenance and updating helps protect the investment in your home. It insures that the major components of your home will stay in top shape and that your home’s décor will stay current with trends. It is a process that begins the day you buy a home and should continue while you enjoy it.

Check out the Homeowners section of this website (RESOURCES) for links to ideas about Home Ownership and updating your home.